Facilities: fabrication techniques

IMM research activity relies on the following fabrication technologies and processes:
  • Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) of III-V semiconductors (In, Ga, Al, As, P, Sb)
  • UHV sputtering of metals and compound semiconductors
  • Metal deposition: e –beam, thermal evaporation, sputtering
  • Chemical etching: wet etching and dry etching by reactive ions (RIBE, RIE)
  • UV lithography
  • Colloidal lithography
  • Nanolithography by e-beam, focused ion beam and oxidation by AFM
  • Fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures:
     — III-V semiconductors quantum wells (QW), wires (QWR) and dots (QD) by MBE
     — Si nanowires by CVD
  • Fabrication of magnetic, plasmonic and magnetoplasmonic nanostructures in UHV by sputtering (DC and RF), Knudsen cell and e-beam evaporator
  • Fabrication of 2D photonic crystals
  • Electrochemical fabrication processes:
     — Porous alumina membranes (15 nm < Φ < 400 nm)
     — Electrodeposition of semiconductors
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