Micro and nanofabrication service

The micro and nanofabrication service (MiNa) of the Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology (IMN) has a great experience in the development of nanotechnology in Spain and belongs to the Network of Laboratories and Research Infrastructures of the Community of Madrid. MiNa has the quality certification ISO 9001:2015, working with great efficiency in its objective of satisfying the growing demand for the manufacture of structures for external clients to the IMN.

It is worth highlighting

  • realization of works beyond standards, where our experts adapt nanotechnology, in a flexible way, to the most particular (and demanding) needs of the client,
  • high resolution electronic beam lithography, (EBL)
  • ultra-high resolution lithography by ion beam (FIB) in macro areas,
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) "state-of-the-art", both in the experience of the staff and in the capabilities of the team.

The service completes its objectives by transferring its experiences to the rest of the Spanish scientific community offering its knowledge and high level infrastructures to R & D centers and technology companies.

Micro and NanoFabrication Service

Any request for MiNa service must be sent to:


Subject:[Specify type of servie that is requered]
Body message: [Detailed description of the requiered work. Please, epecify any other requirements, etc..]

Any request for services that are not sent through this chanel will not be attended.

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